With other weed killers a large amount of herbicide must be applied to cover the leaves but only a very small amount is absorbed into the weed. In contrast, WeedSniper® uses special purpose-designed spikes to penetrate the leaf surface and deliver a lethal micro-dose of systemic herbicide directly into the circulatory system of the weed. This patented method of delivery is super-efficient, highly effective and has been validated with independent scientific testing by Dr Peter Boutsalis of Plant Science Consulting. A world-renowned authority on weed control, Peter is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow within the University of Adelaide's Weed Science Research Group.

Technical details


WeedSniper's ability to target individual leaves on a plant provides you with the ability to target weeds that are growing in tightly packed beds or near to food crops. WeedSniper® allows you to apply non-selective herbicides selectively in your garden.


WeedSniper's micro-dose technology means less exposure to chemicals for you, your children, and your pets. WeedSniper's design also incorporates physical measures to ensure child safety (such as preventing the jaws from fitting over a child's finger).


WeedSniper's handy size means you can keep it in your gardening kit or even your pocket to whip out whenever you see a weed. Our no mess, no fuss design means no more battling with leaky spray packs and misbehaving nozzles.


WeedSniper's micro-dose technology dramatically reduces the amount of herbicide that enters your garden and eliminates the potential for contamination of other plants or waterways due to overspray, drift or runoff in wet weather.


WeedSniper® is safe and effective in all weather conditions including rain, high wind and extremes of hot and cold. If you read the fineprint you will see that weed sprays should only be used in fine and calm conditions.

Over the past few months WeedSniper® has received wide acclaim at a range of media and industry events. We have also received some great feedback from industry experts and potential customers alike. This feedback is currently being incorporated into a new design for WeedSniper® (V2) that is now in the final stages of development.

Stay tuned for the launch of the new look WeedSniper® featuring some great improvements such as...

  • Replaceable herbicide cartridges

  • Improved child safety

  • Scissor action handle with improved ergonomics

  • Greater separation between hand and herbicide 

  • Improved efficiency (even less herbicide needed)


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weed in a pot

weed in a pot

kill it with WeedSniper®

weed among strawberries

weed among strawberries

kill it with WeedSniper®

weed in a dense bed

weed in a dense bed

kill it with WeedSniper®

weed in veg garden

weed in veg garden

kill it with WeedSniper®

grass in groundcover

grass in groundcover

kill it with WeedSniper®

weed in plant bed

weed in plant bed

kill it with WeedSniper®

weed in herb garden

weed in herb garden

kill it with WeedSniper®

WeedSniper® is owned and developed by Intelliweed Pty Ltd. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about WeedSniper®, or you are interested in purchasing the product. Distributor enquiries welcome.

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It all began in 2001. After working hard and long for many months on establishing a magnificent garden at our new home, overflowing with beautiful flowers and edible vegetables year-round, I found myself labouring over noxious weeds growing amongst flowers in our flower beds, as well as herbs and vegetables in our veggie patch for hours on end.


Removing those weeds by hand was pointless; they would grow back just as fast as I was pulling them out. Spraying them was not possible either as it would kill my beautiful flowers and precious veggies. The only way I could tackle weeds in between desirable plants was to use an artist’s brush and “paint poison” onto the leaves of the weeds which took many hours each week and appeared to be a losing battle. However, for a long time, that was my only manner in which to battle weeds with.

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WeedSniper® controls weeds with a simple click that delivers a micro-dose of herbicide. No mess, no fuss, just dead weeds!








Key features
WeedSniper® in action

WeedSniper® is the brainchild of Australian inventor Omid Rad and has undergone extensive development by a team of designers and engineers at Proen Design Australia


The development team continues to work on expanding the product range and exploring alternative uses such as the application of organic herbicides, pest repellents, plant nutrients and tonics​.

The following is a brief history of WeedSniper® written by Omid...

Evolution of WeedSniper®
Why choose WeedSniper®?

WeedSniper® out-performs all other weed control methods:

  • Hand weeding is time consuming and unreliable. Many gardeners leave pieces of the roots behind allowing weeds to regrow. Hand weeding also disturbs the soil giving weed seeds the chance to germinate.

  • Weed sprays may be useful for paths and paved areas but can't be used in closely planted areas without affecting other plants. The chemicals used in weed sprays may harm the environment and be unsafe for children and pets. Weed spray packs are at times messy and can't be used in wet weather or windy conditions.

  • Gel applicators and weed wands are awkward to use (at the best of times) and like weed sprays may contain harmful chemicals such as surfactants that can't be used safely in wet weather.

WeedSniper® is accurate and easy to hold and use. It is safer for the environment, children and pets. Our micro-dose technology means no drips and no chemicals on your hands or clothing. Find out more about how WeedSniper® works in our technical section below.

WeedSniper® is currently in the final stages of development and testing. We hope to see it on the shelves of stores across Australia and the world in the near future.

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How to buy WeedSniper®
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